What is Electrolysis?

Medical electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal by destroying the growth center of the hair using a mild electrical current.

How does it work?

A very fine probe is gently inserted into the hair follicle at the surface of the skin, a mild electrical current then destroys the root of the hair ending further hair growth. The hair is then removed with tweezers. This means that each hair is treated one at a time.

Our Clinic always uses a new sterile disposable probe per treatment session. The individually packed needles remain sealed and sterile until opened for your treatment and then immediately disposed of.

What type of hair is suitable for Electrolysis?

Areas mostly treated with Electrolysis:

  • lip
  • chin
  • jawline

Occassionaly other areas are suitable and this can be discussed with our Electrologist. Ideally the hair has to be stronger than fluff and can be any colour.

What causes hair growth?

Hair growth is the result of hereditary and hormonal levels. Also, some drugs and illnesses can stimulate hair growth.

How many treatments will I need?

Since many factors influence hair growth, you may need to return for several Electrolysis treatments. That number of treatments will vary from person to person. Once a series of treatments have been completed then that unwanted hair will be gone forever.

Each treatment lasts from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the amount of hair growth.

How much will a treatment cost?

$2 per minute with a minimum cost of $15