IPL / Laser Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal is a fast and gentle way to permanently remove unwanted hair. Our experienced therapists use a medical grade Intense Pulsed Light system, which offers one of the safest, fastest and most effective methods of permanent hair reduction available on the market today.

How does IPL work?

Using a process called Selective Photo Thermolysis using the right wavelength to target the melanin (colour) in the hair follicle, the melanin absorbs these intense pulses of light which heat and destroy the follicle.

There are three stages of hair growth and this procedure is effective on the early stage of Anagen growth, which is why more than one treatment is often needed. The darker your hair is the more effective the results.

How many treatments will I need?

Every individual is different. How many treatments will depend on hair colour, skin colour and how much hair is in the area, etc. During the course of your treatments it is optimal to return every 4 weeks to catch hairs in the Anagen growth stage.Treatments will then be spread further apart.

How do I prepare for an IPL Laser treatment?

Before a treatment we recommend not to shave the target area so we can see the area of growth to be treated.

  • avoid sun exposure & protect the area to be treated with an SPF30+ 4 weeks prior to treatment
  • do not use self tanning lotions or solariums 4 weeks prior to treatment
  • do not wax, pluck, undergo electrolysis or bleach hair 4 weeks prior to treatment
  • avoid any prescription strength exfoliant creams in the area prior to treatment
  • no surgical or cosmetic procedures that may be contra-indicated for your treatment

AFTERCARE will be explained and a copy of this will be given to you during your consultation.

Alabaster Skin Laser Clinic offers free IPL / Laser hair removal consultations 0447 230 808

Hair Removal Price Guide

Women Face Prices Per Session Starting From 
Top lip$25.00
Chin $25.00
Lip & chin$30.00
Lower half face$65.00
Hands $39.00
Stomach line$35.00
Back of neck$35.00
Full legs$250.00
Upper half leg$140.00
Lower half leg$150.00
Full arms$90.00
Half arms$70.00
Bikini line$70.00
Brazilian (women only)$120.00

Upper lip & chin$40.00
Bikini line & underarms$100.00
Brazilian & underarms$150.00

Men Body 
Shoulders $100.00
Chest & Abs$140.00
Full Back$250.00
Full Legs$350.00
Full Arms$160.00